You’ve heard the saying, “it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye”. Well, we don’t want to find out if that is true!

Safety gear is essential in Airsoft gaming with eye protection being the number one most important piece of equipment an Airsoft player can own.

Well-fitting eye protection with good coverage is a must for all games while backyard plinkers or target shooters often opt for simpler safety glasses as there is little chance of BB’s flying towards them.

All padded up and safe.  This player is competing in “Close Quarters” and is essentially a tactical turtle.  This will help protect him from BB hits from head-to-toe. Notice the large full-seal goggles he is employing for maximum eye protection.



Eye protection is mandatory when playing Airsoft and good goggles or well fitted safety specs are a great option. Both must be high impact rated to ensure they will not shatter when hit by a BB – sunglasses will not do!  Safety on the field is very important.  the option you choose may be influenced by the following factors:

  • minimum safety requirements specified by the field you play on
  • the need to fit over prescription glasses
  • comfort and fit
  • compatibility with other headgear you are wearing


The minimum requirement for most fields is high impact rated safety glasses (or specs).  These are low profile and do not impede your ability to look down your sites as much as gogles or masks.

Please note that more clubs are now requiring full-seal goggles rather than glasses as there is the potential for a bb to get around glasses. 


Goggles are the upgrade from glasses. They offer a large area of coverage and “full seal” protection, meaning the goggles fit snuggly to the face by way of a foam liner.

Goggles can be used in conjunction with other face or head protection such as lower face masks and helmets.

They come in a variety of options and are becoming the minimum eye protection requirement at may fields.


Masks are a great option if you want to avoid any potentially painful face hits. These are available in half face or full face types. Full face masks include eye protection and sometimes extend to offer ear protection. A half mask covers the lower face and sometimes the ears and are designed to be worn with separate eye protection.

Masks are typically constructed of mesh or thick plastic and have elastic headbands.


Mesh Eye Protection

Mesh eye protection is popular with some players due to them not “fogging up” like some plastic lens goggles.

NZ Airsoft DOES NOT recommend any mesh eye protection for Airsoft Gaming.  Mesh eye protection is not permitted at any NZ Airsoft organised event.

Why no Mesh?

  • BB’s have been seen to shatter on mesh goggles, pass through mesh and enter the eye.
  • Paint chips from dented mesh have been known to flake off the inside of goggles and fly into the eye.

Losing an eye is not worth the convenience of having goggles that will not fog. Either invest in better quality lenses or leave the field to resolve fogging.