Looking Good and Staying Safe

Military style clothing and gear seems to go hand-in-hand with Airsoft. Not only because it matches with the design of the Airsoft Guns (Taggers) but because it is merely the most practical option.

As some of the item-carry requirements in airsoft somewhat mimic the item-carry requirements of actual soldiers, so utilising similar gear solves a lot of the Airsoft players equipment hassles.

Combat style vests have pouches that suit Airsoft Gun Magazines, bags of BB’s, gas tanks etc. Military style pants have deep pockets and handy built-in knee pads.

The gear used in Airsoft is most often a cheaper copy of actual military equipment, or in some cases military surplus gear is used.


These players use clothing and equipment similar to what you may expect soldiers to employ. The gear is practical for carrying items, camouflaging the player, and keeping them comfortable during games.



While there is no requirement for Airsoft players to use military-style clothing and equipment, it is the most common option as it is convenient, practical and easily sourced either locally or online. There is usually an option to suit most budgets. Things to consider when buying your gear:

  • Comfort: Don’t underestimate it – you’ll be spending a long time wearing the gear.
  • Storage: Do you have a place for your essential items for gaming?
  • Safety: Make sure your essential bits like eyes and teeth are protected.
  • Don’t overdo it: Overloading yourself will just make you hot, slow and tired.


Long sleeves and pants are recommended, as is appropriate footwear for outdoors.  Natural coloured clothing will make it harder for players to find you.  Camouflage uniforms are a popular choice for this reason.  They are also hard wearing and have conveniently placed pockets for gaming equipment.


Armour is optional but popular due to it’s ability protect against the sting of BB strikes and as well as offering protection from field hazards running, sliding and rolling around – and it looks cool!
Armour often includes: eye/face protection, vests, scarfs, helmets, gloves, knee pads and elbow pads.


Helmets are becoming more popular as not only do they offer comfortable head protection but also a way for players to manage their goggles and facemasks. Modern helmets are vented, like cycle helmets, to help with cooling and can be fitted snugly using straps and mechanical headbands.



Good outdoor boots are often overlooked by new players. You spend a lot of time on your feet playing Airsoft, in all sorts of terrain both wet and dry, so a good pair of outdoor boots is essential. They not only offer comfort but help protect you from hazards, such as thorns, and help guard against twisted ankles.


Gloves are popular with players who engage in a lot of close quarter gaming as BB hits to the hand or finger (particularly the knuckle) can smart quite a bit.  Full finger and half finger gloves seem to be equally popular.


There is a huge range of accessories to personalise your kit and make your gaming easier and more enjoyable.  Pouches, backpacks, slings and hydration packs are handy for carrying gear during games.  Radios are great tools for team communication.  Even fake knives are used for sneaky “stealth tags”.

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