Minimum Engagement Distances, or “MED’s”, exist to ensure the safety and comfort of all players on the field. The MED relates to the minimum distance one player may be from another and still be allowed to fire their Airsoft Gun (Tagger). The idea is that the closer you are, the more a BB strike may sting.

The MED is set for each Airsoft Tagger based on the power of the tagger and/or the rate of fire it can produce. I.e. the higher the power – the greater the MED. Conversely, Taggers can be modified to suit a particular style of game. CQB, where players need to engage at close proximity, requires that Taggers are low-powered.


Knowing that he is approaching the MED limit for his Mid-powered Airsoft rifle, this player switches to a low-powered pistol so he can continue engaging the other team.




There are no universal limits for MEDs currently as each venue/club sets their own based on what plays well on their game area. For this reason, it is essential to find out what the MED limits are for each event so you can make sure your taggers comply.

Clubs state which weight BB they use when stating an MED as the limit for the FPS measured.

Recommended Engagement Distances (REDs) relate to the type of Tagger and the role in which it is used in gameplay.  REDs are the distance that you should be engaging with a particular Airsoft Tagger.  The RED takes into consideration player comfort and accuracy of the tagger vs likelihood of scoring a point.


CQB Taggers are generally low-powered and short-barrelled to make them easy to carry and use around cover.

Often short rifles, pistols and SMG (sub machine gun) style taggers.  Often capable of burst or automatic fire.

MED: 0-5m

RED: 10-15m


Support taggers mimic automatic guns and can fire a lot of BB’s in a short amount of time.

For this reason they tend to also be restricted to low-powered Taggers at most clubs.

MED: 15m

RED: 20m+

Field Rifle

Field rifles are the most common type of Tagger as their out-of-the-box power makes them ideal for general mid-range field gaming.

They tend to be burst/auto fire capable, but these functions are often limited by club rules.

MED: 20m

RED: 25m


Sniper or Marksman Taggers are the most highly-powered Taggers on the field. These are designed to be able to fire greater distances. Thus they also require a greater MED.

These taggers tend to be single-shot (bolt action) or are restricted to being used as a single shot only.

MED: 30m

RED: 40m+

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