Different TAGGERS for different Roles

FPS Limits (short for “Feet Per Second”) is the rating used to determine the power of an Airsoft gun (Tagger).  The FPS is the speed at which a BB exits the tagger.

The higher the FPS, the more powerful the tagger, the greater the distance the BB will travel and the more energy it contains.  Thus, higher-powered taggers for hitting items far away and low-powered taggers for hitting items which are close.

This speed is measured using a Chronograph Machine, a small device that measures the time it takes for a projectile to pass by its internal sensors.  It uses the speed and weight of the BB to determine the FPS and energy rating.

This player uses a very low-powered SMG (Sub-Machine Gun) style Tagger in a close quarters game where he is engaging opponents across short distances.



Clubs and field owners will set limits as to how powerful an Airsoft Gun (Tagger) is allowed to be for use on their field.  This is to ensure player safety.  The power of a Tagger may also be limited for certain types of games, for example, a Close Quarters Battle (CQB) will only use low-powered guns as players are close to each other, whereas an open field game may include high-powered Taggers for gaming over greater distances.

Players tend to buy or customise their Taggers to suit different fields or game types. They may have one Tagger for CQB, a Marksman Tagger for long shots, and a standard Field Tagger rifle for everything in between. Some Airsoft Gun (Tagger) manufacturers have created models that allow players to easily adjust the internal components to alter the FPS of their gun, making it able to be used for several types of games.

Low Powered Guns

(Based on 0.25g BB weight)


Great alternatives to a players’ main tagger.  Used in situations where a player may not be permitted to shoot a higher powered tagger.

FPS: 250-300fps

ENERGY: Approx 1 Joule

Close Quarters Tagger

Taggers designed to hit players at a close range so no need to be high-powered.  Often used on burst-fire to combat potential inaccuracy.

FPS: 300-350fps

ENERGY: Approx 1-1.5 Joules

Support Tagger

Designed for covering fire, these are typically used on burst or full auto modes. Their high rate of fire is offset by low power and limited accuracy.

FPS: 300-350fps

ENERGY: Approx 1-1.5 Joules

Mid to High Powered Guns

(Based on 0.25g BB weight)

Field Rifles

The most common type of gun.  Sporting mid-range power and usually only fired on semi-auto (single shot mode).  Popular at most open field events.

FPS: 350-400fps

ENERGY: Up to 1.85 Joules

Heavy Field/Marksman

For fields that might not allow high powered Taggers but want a class above standard Field Rifles. Single fire only.

FPS: 400-450fps

ENERGY: Up to 2.35 Joules

Marksman/Sniper Rifles

High-powered Taggers designed to hit targets at a greater distance than the rest of the taggers on the field. Single shot modes only.

FPS: 450-600fps

ENERGY: Up to 4.2 Joules

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