Airsoft games take on a variety of forms from quick to long, simple to involved, indoors and out. Depending on the level of experience, the type of gaming area and the gear available, a wide range of individual gaming options can be generated.

Most types of games fall into one of the following categories with their own particular objective(s).  Players may find themselves drawn to certain types of games as the different styes can offer very different experiences.  Some may enjoy fast games, some may enjoy tactical games.  Some of us enjoy them all!

A group of teenagers get together for a Birthday Game which included “Capt Bearsy”, the local club VIP.



Generally, clubs will try to vary the types of games they play to keep things interesting. In some cases the types of games may be influenced by the following factors:

  • The amount/size/shape of the game area
  • Whether the venue is indoors or outdoors
  • The number of available players
  • The amount of cover/hiding places in the game area


Similar to “Speedball” played by Paintball, Close Quarters Battle (CQB), is a fast-paced game where players are generally playing a lot closer than they would if on an open field. CQB is often the only option at indoor venues but can also be played outdoors with the help of barricades or other cover options.

Due to the short distance between players, there is a much higher chance of being hit by a lot of BB’s. For this reason, the CQB Airsoft Guns (taggers) are usually low-powered to avoid injury and ensure everyone is comfortable and having fun.

Players also tend to wear a lot more protective gear, and full-face masks or full-head protection is worn to be extra safe.

CQB games are usually short and energetic, with straightforward goals making them great for quick team-on-team gaming.


Skirmish is the term given to most Airsoft Games. They are usually short, simple games similar to CQB but played over a larger area like Mil-Sim.

Objectives tend to be quite easy to set up and follow, making them great games to start a day so players can warm up, get to know their teammates and the area.

Popular styles of skirmish games include: Capture the Flag, Force-Back, Take the Bunker, Virus/Infection (team tag), Combat Trail (rolling fall-back along a path)

Skirmish players tend to use the guns (Taggers) that have been rated for the field on the day but often prefer switching to a CQB (low-powered) Tagger if they know there will be close exchanges during a game.


“Mil-Sim” games combine Airsoft with objective-based role-playing elements that might loosely mimic roles within the military. One or more missions may be set and teams will need to use tactics and planning to figure out how to accomplish the tasks for the win.

Mil-Sim games can last several hours or days at some significant events. The teams will remain in the field for the duration of play, only returning to a staging area or “safe zone” for breaks.

While the term “Military Simulation” is given to any game that might have complex objectives or require team coordination, there is nothing really “Military” about it. Comparing Airsoft to the Military would be like comparing Mario Cart to Professional Racecar driving.

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